Supporting Indigenous Communities Through Socially Beneficial IT Asset Disposals

A proud initiative of G1 Asset Management

What Is Tech To Country?

Tech To Country is a proud initiative of G1 Asset Management that empowers Australian enterprise and government to donate end-of-use IT assets to indigenous communities while maintaining complete data security and compliance to Australian ISM controls.

How It Works

Engage G1 Asset Management For Your Secure IT Asset Disposals

G1 Asset Management is ISO Accredited and compliant with Australian Government ISM controls. An Australian-owned industry leader in secure IT disposals, trusted by enterperise and government.

We Perform Asset Collection, Data Destruction and Asset Reporting

All assets are securely erased to our stringent quality standards. Asset tags and integrated ownership information removed. Data destruction and recycling certificates are issued.

We Refurbish Computers & Deploy Genuine Windows 10 Licences

Computers are refurbished and re-deployed with a new Genuine Windows 10 licence. The Ready-to-use computers are then packaged for community distribution.

We Distrubute Computers To Indigenous Communities

Ready-to-use computers are shipped to indigenous community centers and charities. These centers then provide free computers to members of their local community who are most in need.

We Provide Ongoing Hardware Support & Regular Asset Refreshes

We provide hardware to ensure systems remain operational for a minimum of 12 months. As computers approach end-of-life, we facilitate the return and replacement with newly refurbished devices to keep donated IT fleets up-to-date.

Program Benefits

Secure & Compliant Asset Disposal

You can be confident that your IT assets are being disposed to the highest standards, approved by Australian enterprise and government. Learn more about G1 Asset Management and our Accreditations.

Zero Financial Cost To Participate

The Tech to Country program unlocks genuine social benefit from your end-of-use IT equipment. All program administration costs are fully funded by value recovered from a portion of the disposed assets.

Direct Benefit To Indigenous Community

The provision of ready-to-use, supported laptops mean no overheads when donated. And by allowing community centers to allocate devices to those most in need, the program produces a highly targeted and effective benefit to society.

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Contact Us

If your company would like to discuss involvement in the Tech To Country program, please contact us through the following channels.

We would love to discuss how your IT asset disposals can directly benefit Australian Indigenous communities.

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